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School PTA and Social Fundraisers

Whether you're a school or a social group, comedy is a tried and tested way of raising money, and a fantastic way of bringing your community together.


From full comedy shows at school PTA socials or perhaps a more formal auction or dinner function, a comedian, or full line up of comedians, is sure to loosen the audience's purse strings.


Your guests will come for the cause and stay for the entertainment.

In a Nutshell

With years of experience, Philip understands the importance to your organisation of raising much-needed funds as well as providing a night of fantastic entertainment. Perhaps you're working towards a specific target, or maybe just looking to put a little extra in your coffers, organising a comedy show is a sure-fire way to bring both these elements together. Not only will your community love having the chance to socialise with each other, but you'll also raise significant sums of money through a variety of avenues such as ticket sales, bar sales, raffles, and so on.



The budgets for any event vary depending on a number of factors, most notably in these cases, taking into account your likely income from ticket sales and sundry revenue. There are minimums it's hard to work below, but Philip is always happy to work with you to get the most out of your budget, so it's always best to have a conversation before making a decision.


Lighting and Sound

Because most venues have this already, this is not included in the original quote. However, Philip is able to supply suitable lights and a microphone with PA. Depending on the space you're in lighting may not be necessary, but any comedian you book would require a decent microphone and sound system to ensure they can be heard over the laughter. At the moment Philip is able to supply lighting for £125 and the sound system for £125. Both together can be arranged for a condensed price of £200.

Poster Design

Most organisations have someone who is capable enough to do this, but Philip is happy to design a poster, unique to your event. This would then be sent to you for printing and distribution. If you would like Philip to provide hard copies then please let him know and he can quote for this also. If Philip is not designing the poster for you, he would of course provide the photos of the acts and any relevant details to include so you could do it yourself.


Yes, as a professional comedian and actor, Philip holds Public Liability Insurance through performers' Union, Equity.

Comedy Fundraising - as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Booking the Acts

Working with you to ensure the right tone is set with the comedy, you can then leave it to Philip to book the most suitable comedians for your show.


"TV Credits" can't ever be guaranteed, but with the right budget and enough lead time anything is possible. At the very least, all Philip's comedians are professionals making their living on the circuit, so whoever is on stage you know you'll have a great time.


Coordinating the night

You've booked the night, publicised the show and sold all your tickets. The room's set up and the bar's well stocked. So now it's your time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Philip will take care of the acts, assist with technical issues (where possible) and ensure the night flows from start to finish, whilst you and your guests soak up the laughter.


Hosting the Comedy

Philip is a very experienced host and compere, so the show would get off to a flying start with about 10-15 minute of warm up from him before introducing the other comedians on stage.

As well as entertaining the audience between acts, he'll assist with other elements you want to include such as a raffle, or auction. He'll also make whatever announcements you need about future events.

His relaxed style of performance coupled with his hilarious observations have been a winning combination with audiences across the country.

Gaby, Liberal Jewish Synagogue
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