Philip Simon should also be praised for his brilliant voice work.’ 

(Lisa Martland, The Stage)

Narrative Reel

Commercial Reel

Character Reel

30s - 40s Natural RP, Heightened RP & Very Good Ear for Dialects


Philip is an professional voiceover artist with experience in corporate, commercial and animation projects for various clients that include Samsung, Direct Line, Pendragon, FelixStowe Museum, The Department of Health and Radio Gibraltar for whom he recorded a number of stings. 


An ideal addition to any team, especially when an injection of humour is needed to whilst maintaining a professional work-ethic, Philip's voice has often been likened to that of Peep Show's David MItchell. Clients have been impressed by his abiity to work with scripts, often sight-reading where copy for briefs has been delayed meaning there has been little or no time for rehearsal.


He has a warm, authoratitive and engaging voice with a strong ear for dialects, as can be heard in his various reels above.