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Comedy Writing

Humour is a fantastic way to communicate with an audience. Whether it's gags and topical material for television shows like Mock the Week, speeches for weddings, or a "slightly" more stale CEO's address, Philip has been instrumental in helping many comedians and corporate clients add jokes and funny content to their stories. 

In a Nutshell

As well as publishing his own joke book from his hugely successful lockdown comedy children's show "School's Out Comedy Club", Philip has also written jokes that have been seen in the following places:

  • Mock the Week, BBC TV

  • All Puns Blazing - The Best British Knockout Jokes (BUY HERE)

  • Motorways in the Sky - The Children's Air Ambulance Book (BUY HERE)

He's also been responsible for many entertaining wedding speeches, and is often being asked to punch up some of the more dreary corporate speeches.​


Philip likes to work on a sliding scale to suit your budget, but his standard rate is approximately £30-£50 per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours likely to be necessary for even the most basic project. You can also discuss a day rate if you would prefer, but whatever happens Philip will work with you to get the most out of your budget, so it's always best to have a conversation before making a decision.


Unless otherwise agreed, Philip is happy to work uncredited and in confidence so your friends can remain impressed with your comedic skills. He is happy to discuss everything prior to a working relationship being formed.

Working with a comedy writer - as easy as 1, 2, 3...4


Joke Writing

As a runner up in the 2020 UK Pun Championships and a regular contributor to TV comedy shows such as Mock the Week, Philip is one of the smartest and funniest one-liner joke writers and topical comedians on the circuit today. His social media content is testament to that.


Even his longer form bits are peppered with gags, so if you have a subject you need some jokes on, send them his way and he's sure you won't be disappointed.


Wedding Speeches

Having been both a Groom and a Best Man, Philip knows the importance of the dreaded wedding speech. The pressure to make your audience (er...guests) laugh can be immense, even for the most confident person. 

Whether you've got the shape of a speech, or you're starting from scratch, working with Philip you'll be able to find some funnies you hadn't realised were there, as well as generating more throughout the speech.


Corporate Speeches

We've all seen it. The boss asks you to make a presentation, or perhaps you're the boss your staff are looking to to hear this annual speech. Remember how dull everyone found it last year?

Well, this time, working with Philip will mean that even the stalest of information will be presented in a more entertaining way. You'll still get across everything you need to say, but this time without the added soundtrack of people snoring.


Personalised Limericks

Philip has always loved the more creative & humorous side of writing & for his wedding he wrote bespoke limericks for every family that was coming. Over 100 in total, all beautifully personalised - a perfect moment from the special day. 

And now he's ready to share the gift with you. With just some very basic information about the recipient, he'll write a funny limerick.

To order yours, click HERE.

The limerick Philip created specific to our business was excellent. I couldn't recommend him more for a work event. 

Ellis, Marionete
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