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A limerick's a poem or song

A ditty that's just 5 lines long

For not too much money

I'll write something funny

Oh what could possibly go wrong?


I've always loved the more creative & humorous side of writing & for my wedding I wrote bespoke limericks for every family that was coming. Over 100 in total, all beautifully personalised and a perfect moment from our special day.


And now I'm ready to share the gift with you guys also. 


With just some very basic information about the recipient, I'm able to write a funny and clever limerick that will be set on a decorative backing and sent to you as a file for you to download or forward on. I'm happy for there to be a little back and forth until you are happy with the results, as really this is a totally personalised service.


The limericks cost £15 and will be one verse unless otherwise requested. Each extra verse is charged at another £5, which can be discussed when an order is placed.


Due to a glitch on the site you will be charged postage for this item even though it will be emailed to you. To offset this please use promo code FREE in the checkout.


You can see some of the examples of commissions I've already fulfilled, but if you'd like any more information please do get in touch.

Personalised Limerick

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